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Creating a deeper understanding
between people and their
animal companions

Animal Communications

Some people talk to animals.
Not many listen though.

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Do you wish you could know what your animal is thinking or feeling?

Has your animal ever stared at you?

Do you feel like you understood what your animal wanted to tell you?

If your animal is staring at you, they are most likely trying to tell you something. And they will continue to stare until they feel you are listening to them.

Animals know more than you may realize because they are incredibly observant and intuitive.

As an animal communicator, I give your animals a voice using the universal language of telepathy.

Telepathy, or feeling (pathy) across distance (tele), is a natural gift inherent in all living things—an expanded version of our capacity to feel. Although the ability to communicate telepathically usually is lost in childhood in our culture, where there is love for animals and willingness to re-learn, the ability can be revived.

During a session, I translate for you what your animal friends think and feel—this is a wonderful way to have a two-way, live conversation and get answers in real time.

A session can provide you with insight into all aspects of your animal companion’s life. Learn about:

  • What your animal thinks or feels.
  • Reasons for behavior and solutions to problems.
  • How to help animals nearing their final moments in life.
  • Anything physical that you should be aware of.
  • How to help your animal through transitions: bringing a new animal or child into the home, moves, relationship changes, etc.
  • If they like their food or want anything different.
  • Your relationship with your animal on a soul level.
  • How deceased animals are doing and feeling.
  • General information that your animals want you to know.
  • Any questions or concerns that you may have.
  • I can also communicate with wild animals in order to help a situation regarding your home or property.

With the answer to these questions, you and your animal will experience relief and have clarity to move forward.

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Kristine Maas with her dog Zues

“But I worry what my animal will say about me.”

Often people are concerned about what the animal might reveal. I can say with complete confidence that if you are reaching out to me, that you are a loving animal owner and you have nothing to worry about. Animals have an extraordinary capacity to love without condition. They only want to give helpful, loving information—they live from a place of pure heart and pure motive. They hold no grudges!

What if you could know what your animal friends are thinking and feeling?

You can.


What to expect and how to prepare for a session

What to expect

Sessions are handled over the phone—because communication is telepathic, being together physically is not required. I create a connection between you, your animal, and myself. I am only the messenger of his/her communications. My role in a consultation is to be a clear and caring connection between you and your animal friends so that you may share thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and feelings. I may ask you to share information with me about topics we are discussing, as you are a very important part of the connection. I love doing this work and I’ll give you my best!

How to prepare


Before the appointment, prepare a list of questions for your animal companion so that we are sure to cover topics that are important to you. (You do not need to send me the questions, keep them handy for your reference during the call.)


  • Please email me a digital photo of your animal companion(s) with name, age, breed and a short description of how long they have been with you.
  • Include your name, address and phone number.
For more information and pricing, please contact me directly.

I also appreciate referrals, and would love to know how you found me!

Confidentiality and Ethics

Each animal communication session is completely private and confidential. I am bound by the same confidentiality ethics as any medical, health or spiritual professional, and adhere to the Interspecies Communicator Code of Ethics as formulated by animal communications pioneer, Penelope Smith. I will only release information upon the request of the person who I am working directly with.

I require the permission of the caretaker of the specific animal in order to communicate with them. In most cases, this is the animal’s primary guardian and, usually, this is the person who is requesting the consultation. If you are requesting the consultation for an animal that is not in your care/custody, please contact me directly. This does not pertain to wild animals as they do not have human caregivers.

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care. I can sense where and how an animal is feeling discomfort and what, potentially, is going on physically, but I do not diagnose or treat medical problems. Please consult with your veterinarian about health concerns for your animal.

Animals want to share their thoughts, feelings and viewpoints with you—they want to be heard and understood—just like us.


Thank you for visiting my site—I’m Kristine and I grew up around rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, swans and ducks. One of my fondest memories was of our family dog, Fred, running down the middle of the street barking at all oncoming cars to protect his people driving the dark blue Chevy Vega. Some dogs are just meant to be unleashed. That was rural Nebraska in the 1970s.

I left Nebraska after college in pursuit of a dream to live by the ocean. Arriving in California, I fell in love with the Pacific Ocean, the desert sands and the Sierra Nevada mountains. I made a living as a corporate writer, eventually owning my own freelance writing agency. Along the way I worked as a bank teller, played in the dirt as a landscaper, acted as an elder companion and adopted my first dog since childhood while living on a sailboat in Berkeley, California.

That dog was Boris. He was a formidable teacher, student, protector and force of life. His circumstance required a high level of study and learning on my behalf—taking me through a narrow, yet rewarding passageway. Through our experiences together I was introduced to the field of animal communication. It became my passion and led me to where I am today. I have Boris to thank.

I now share my home along the San Francisco Bay with my husband and our dog, Elsie. I appreciate spending time regularly in the majestic Marin Headlands, the Sierra Nevada mountains and the cathedrals of the ancient Redwoods north of my home. Being in nature unleashes me—maybe not enough to bark at oncoming cars to protect my family, but enough to laugh fondly thinking of Fred’s verve for life.

Animal communication sessions connect you to your animal’s thoughts, emotions and energy, which allow you to deepen your understanding and relationship with each other.


Kristine has helped me again and again to sort out the difference between what I thought was happening with our animals to what was actually going on for each of them. Those insights resolved most of the concern or worry on my side, and because I had more peace, my animals in turn relaxed. That is a powerful thing; Kristine’s communication, translation and guidance creates solution.

Kristine also brings a natural lightness and humor to even the biggest issues. Then to watch my dog and cat give me physical signs in the real world always blows me away. One example is when they first started living together they avoided being in the same room, now they sleep side by side on the same bed! I can’t recommend Kristine enough.

Dog and cat posing for camera

Kristine is the real deal as an animal communicator—she’s easy and gentle, and her knowledge is insightful and accurate.

I’ve consulted Kristine numerous times for our dog and cats. We’ve addressed health and behavior concerns, greeted a new stray cat into the household, and negotiated a feud between two cats.

I first reached out to Kristine after observing how quickly our senior cat Ranger was aging. It was helpful to ask how we could make him comfortable and happy. Kristine helped me understand what was behind his change of appetite. Especially beneficial was Ranger requesting the heat lamp that we had used for our senior cat who previously passed. The request for the heat lamp also revealed just how in-depth Kristine’s abilities are to describe in detail something so unusual.

One of the most meaningful sessions with Kristine was speaking with Ranger the night before his euthanasia. I was relieved when Ranger expressed it was definitely time for his bright spirit to leave his tired body. We shared memories and had the opportunity to say good-bye. I’ll always treasure that.

I am grateful to Kristine for using her insightful gifts to help foster better understanding, health and happiness in our animal family.

Kristine is a masterful animal communicator. Regardless of the topic, our sessions made me feel more uplifted in my heart and more connected to my cat. Whether it was related to something as simple as adjusting her food or creating a plan to help my cat lift off from her body the way she wanted, Kristine’s compassion, insight and skillfulness brought more ease and insight to me and my relationship with my beloved cat in every situation.

Tabby cat perched on wood
Cat looking back from the window

My recent animal communication session with Kristine was wonderful. It warmed my heart so much and brought me to tears to hear my cat express so much love for me. My cat even gave me advice – telling me to take all the love I give to her, and give it back to myself. It was fun and delightful to have Kristine connect up with my cat and relay information and messages back to me. I would highly recommend Kristine for anyone who wants to communicate more deeply with their animal, especially if you are having any troubles with your pet or have unanswered questions.

I work with animals at a veterinary clinic and also do animal bodywork for clients, but when my own cat (Twilly) became ill I was unable to stay clear-headed. Kristine’s help was invaluable!

I was struggling to determine if it was time to help Twilly pass. With Kristine’s help, I was able to connect with Twilly instead of falling into fear or guilt. I was able to say my goodbyes and know that Twilly and I were coming to this point together with love. Not only does Kristine have a gift communicating with animals she is also very easy for humans to talk with. Her kindness, compassion and empathy made a very difficult time a little smoother for me and it was clear that Twilly was grateful as well.

Closeup of cat face with owner

As an animal communicator, I build a bridge of understanding between you and your animal companions so you can better understand each other.


I’d love to hear from you!

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